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Traditional Braces or Invisalign – What Works Best for You

by Justin

Teeth develop depending on the space available and the way their root grows from the gum layer. Some will have proper teeth, whereas some will have irregularly developed teeth.

Many solutions are available to help people with irregular teeth to get them properly aligned, and Invisalign and braces are a few of these options.

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Traditional Braces 

As the name suggests, these are the traditional solutions for aligning teeth into proper line. Braces are the best choice for taking care of many teeth issues, such as crowded, protruded, misaligned, and crooked dental linings. They can even take care of the irregular spacing problem between two teeth.

Traditional braces are brackets that will be fixed directly onto the teeth, and this will be done with the help of dental cement. Apart from brackets, these braces will also have archwires to hold them in place.

These brackets and archwires will be then adjusted with the help of elastic bands for easy movement between the jaws.

Sometimes, patients who get these braces fixed will be uncomfortable till they get adjusted to themq. They can even feel tightness or discomfort for a few weeks.

The required time for these braces to work successfully will be from six to eight months after the installation.


These are the ideal choices for treating many dental issues, such as crowded teeth, spaced teeth, crossbite, overbite, and other such bite issues.

The aligners required for the Invisalign installation will be prepared exclusively and carefully for each person. The experts first take some pictures of your teeth so that they can prepare the right aligners for you.

The aligners are designed exclusively with the help of CAD / CAM technology. The checkup will require you to wear two aligners on the top and bottom teeth.

The treatment setting will be spaced at least 4 to 6 weeks from one another. The treatment and the success depends mainly on the condition of your teeth, and also the effect of aligners for the teeth.


  • Invisalign braces are very discrete and cannot be easily detected by anyone. This is not the case with traditional braces, as they are very clearly visible.
  • The aligners are designed with the help of soft plastic material and will not cause any damage to the inner layer of your mouth.
  • The traditional braces are very hard and can cause cuts and bruises inside the mouth till you get adjusted to them.

Both the traditional braces have their own set of pros and cons. You can learn them all and decide what works best for your dental issue. Pick wisely to solve your dental issue and get desired results.

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